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Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Volume 13 2001

  • CPE544:Special Issue: High Performance Agent Systems
  • CPE545:Dynamic configuration of access control for mobile components in FarGo
  • CPE546:Performance investigation of an on-line auction system
  • CPE547:Fault-tolerant holonic manufacturing systems
  • CPE548:Which paradigm should I use? An analytical comparison of the client-server, remote evaluation and mobile agent paradigms
  • CPE582:Editorial: Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
  • CPE539:A parallel Viterbi decoding algorithm
  • CPE549:Emmerald: a fast matrix-matrix multiply using Intel"s SSE instructions
  • CPE550:Experiences from integrating algorithmic and systemic load balancing strategies
  • CPE551:Analysis and measurement of the effect of kernel locks in SMP systems
  • CPE552:Parallel solvers for discrete-time algebric Riccati equations
  • CPE554:A parallel Navier-Stokes solver for the rotating flow problem
  • CPE563:Using knowledge-based systems for research on parallelizing compilers
  • CPE564:Redistribution strategies for portable parallel FFT: a case study
  • CPE565:A distributed implementation of a virtual machine for Java
  • CPE556:Object-oriented analysis and design of the Message Passing Interface
  • CPE570:Strong types for coordinating active objects
  • CPE555:Algorithmic support for model transformation in object-oriented software development
  • CPE569:A new parallel domain decomposition method for the adaptive finite element solution of elliptic partial differential equations
  • CPE571:Modeling and testing object-oriented distributed systems with linear-time temporal logic
  • CPE583:Feature-oriented programming: A new way of object compositionA preliminary version of this article appeared under the title ‘Feature-Oriented Programming: A Fresh Look at Objects’ at ECOOP 1997.
  • CPE584:Effective multicast programming in large scale distributed systems
  • CPE585:Implementing a dynamic processor allocation policy for multiprogrammed parallel applications in the SolarisTM
  • CPE562:Access to SAP"s Business Framework from Java-based applications
  • CPE561:Experience with using CORBA to implement a file caching coordination system
  • CPE557:Special Issue: Distributed Objects and Applications "99
  • CPE558:Evaluating policies and mechanisms to support distributed real-time applications with CORBA
  • CPE559:The COIL data mediator definition language
  • CPE560:A multicast group communication protocol, engine, and bridge for CORBA
  • CPE572:A Java commodity grid kit
  • CPE573:Strategies for the efficient exploitation of loop-level parallelism in JavaPreliminary versions of the material presented in this paper appeared in the proceedings of the ACM 2000 Java Grande Conference and The Second Workshop on Java for High Performance Computing (ICS"2000).
  • CPE574:Special Issue: ACM 2000 Java Grande Conference
  • CPE575:Interceptors for Java Remote Method Invocation
  • CPE576:High-performance file I/O in Java: Existing approaches and bulk I/O extensions
  • CPE577:DISCOVER: An environment for Web-based interaction and steering of high-performance scientific applicationsThe DISCOVER collaboratory can be accessed at
  • CPE578:HBench:Java: An application-specific benchmarking framework for Java Virtual Machines
  • CPE579:An OpenMP-like interface for parallel programming in Java
  • CPE580:Using JavaNws to compare C and Java TCP-Socket performance
  • CPE581:Parallel application experience with replicated method invocation
  • CPE586:Development and performance analysis of real-world applications for distributed and parallel architectures
  • CPE587:Simulating asynchronous hardware on multiprocessor platforms: the case of AMULET1
  • CPE588:Scalability and performance of OpenMP and MPI on a 128-processor SGI Origin 2000
  • CPE606:Special Issue: Object-oriented Databases
  • CPE607:Distributed data integration by object-oriented mediator servers
  • CPE608:Consistency management in object-oriented databases
  • CPE609:A temporal object-oriented model for digital libraries of documents
  • CPE610:Compensation methods to support cooperative applications: A case study in automated verification of schema requirements for an advanced transaction model
  • CPE589:PoLAPACK: parallel factorization routines with algorithmic blocking
  • CPE590:Parallel versions of Stone"s strongly implicit algorithm
  • CPE591:Real-time multi-spectral image fusion
  • CPE592:Space-time tradeoffs for parallel 3D reconstruction algorithms for virus-structure determination
  • CPE593:Lesser Bear-a light-weight process library for SMP computers
  • CPE595:Special issue: formal techniques for Java programs
  • CPE596:Type safety in the JVM: some problems in Java 2 SDK 1.2 and proposed solutions
  • CPE597:Verified lightweight bytecode verification
  • CPE598:Hoare logic for Java in Isabelle/HOL
  • CPE599:Java access protection through typing
  • CPE594:Open consensus
  • CPE611:Deferring elimination of design alternatives in object-oriented methods
  • CPE612:Parallel dynamic water supply scheduling in a cluster of computers
  • CPE613:Comparing Windows NT, Linux, and QNX as the basis for cluster systems