Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

Published Papers for 2003

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Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Volume 15 2003

  • CPE708:A stochastic load balancing algorithm for Computing
  • CPE706:A comparison of concurrent programming and cooperative multithreading
  • CPE704:The Virtual Laboratory: a toolset to enable distributed molecular modelling for drug design on the World Wide Grid
  • CPE709:Object oriented distributed computing based on remote class reference
  • CPE713:Modular specification of frame properties in JML
  • CPE714:Improving the official specification of Java bytecode verification
  • CPE711:Clustering revealed in high-resolution simulations and visualization of multi-resolution features in fluid-particle models
  • CPE705:MPI-CHECK: a tool for checking Fortran 90 MPI programs
  • CPE653:Kava: a Java dialect with a uniform object model for lightweight classes
  • CPE654:Framework for testing multi-threaded Java programs
  • CPE655:Integration and application of TAU in parallel Java environments
  • CPE666:Platform independent dynamic Java virtual machine analysis: the Java Grande Forum benchmark suite
  • CPE656:High-performance Java codes for computational fluid dynamics
  • CPE667:Java Virtual Machine support for object serialization
  • CPE657:Automatic translation of Fortran to JVM bytecode
  • CPE568:Benchmarking Java against C and Fortran for scientific applications
  • CPE660:Run-time optimizations for a Java DSM implementation
  • CPE661:Supporting multidimensional arrays in Java
  • CPE662:CartaBlanca - a pure-Java, component-based systems simulation tool for coupled nonlinear physics on unstructured grids - an update
  • CPE663:Providing soft real-time quality of service guarantees for Java threads
  • CPE664:CCJ: object-based message passing and collective communication in Java
  • CPE665:Supporting dynamic parallel object arrays
  • CPE712:Sapphire: copying garbage collection without stopping the world
  • CPE735:Editorial: ACM 2001 Java Grande-ISCOPE (JGI2001) Conference
  • CPE659:Spar: a set of extensions to Java for scientific computation
  • CPE715:Multi-wavelength image space: another Grid-enabled science
  • CPE716:CORBA request portable interceptors: analysis and applications
  • CPE717:An adaptive parallel genetic algorithm system for i-Computing environment
  • CPE718:A scalable HPF implementation of a finite-volume computational electromagnetics application on a CRAY T3E parallel system
  • CPE720:Analysis of a prototype intelligent network interface
  • CPE721:Design and implementation of a user-level Sockets layer over Virtual Interface Architecture
  • CPE722:NPACI Rocks: tools and techniques for easily deploying manageable Linux clusters
  • CPE723:p-Jigsaw: a cluster-based Web server with cooperative caching support
  • CPE724:Clusterfile: a flexible physical layout parallel file system
  • CPE725:Using multirail networks in high-performance clusters
  • CPE750:Editorial
  • CPE719:Comparing the performance of MPICH with Cray's MPI and with SGI's MPI
  • CPE728:The LINPACK Benchmark: past, present and future
  • CPE732:Enhancing OODB semantics to support browsing in an OODB vocabulary representation
  • CPE729:Implementation of the EARTH programming model on SMP clusters: a multi-threaded language and runtime system
  • CPE736:Editorial
  • CPE737:Scalable causal message logging for wide-area environments
  • CPE738:Achieving portable and efficient parallel CORBA objects
  • CPE739:HA-PSLS: a highly available parallel single-level store system
  • CPE740:Parallel application of a novel domain decomposition preconditioner for the adaptive finite-element solution of three-dimensional convection-dominated PDEs
  • CPE741:A distributed object infrastructure for interaction and steering
  • CPE742:Load redundancy elimination on executable code
  • CPE778:SCALEA: a performance analysis tool for parallel programs
  • CPE779:Deep Start: a hybrid strategy for automated performance problem searches
  • CPE781:A self-stabilizing token-based k-out-of-exclusion algorithm
  • CPE782:Fairness in systems based on multiparty interactions
  • CPE783:Weak communication in single-hop radio networks: adjusting algorithms to industrial standards
  • CPE784:Performance analysis and qualitative results of an efficient parallel stochastic simulator for a marine host-parasite system
  • CPE777:Special Issue: Euro-Par 2002
  • CPE785:Parallel iterative methods for Navier-Stokes equations and application to eigenvalue computation
  • CPE786:Dynamic query scheduling in parallel data warehouses
  • CPE730:Resource management in open Linda systems
  • CPE726:A parallel data assimilation model for oceanographic observations
  • CPE727:Coordinating components in middleware systems
  • CPE731:A set-oriented method definition language for object databases and its semantics
  • CPE788:Optimizing operating system performance for CC-NUMA architectures
  • CPE733:Frameworks for incorporating semantic relationships into object-oriented database systems
  • CPE743:Performance comparison of checkpoint and recovery protocols