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2009 Volume 21 Articles

  • CPE1333:Improving performance of optimized kernels through fast instantiations of templates
  • CPE1334:LC-GRFA: global register file assignment with local consciousness for VLIW DSP processors with non-uniform register files
  • CPE1335:
  • CPE1336:Compiler and runtime techniques for software transactional memory optimization
  • CPE1337:Compositional approach applied to loop specialization
  • CPE1340:Proceedings of the 13th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming (PPoPP)
  • CPE1341:Safe bounds check annotations
  • CPE1344:Guest Editorial
  • CPE1345:Obituary: Peter Knijnenburg (1961-2007)
  • CPE1324:Design and implementation of parallel approximate inverse classes using OpenMP
  • CPE1326:A dynamic admission control scheme to manage contention on shared computing resources
  • CPE1329:Efficient resource discovery in self-organized unstructured peer-to-peer networks
  • CPE1338:The Neutralizer: a self-configurable failure detector for minimizing distributed storage maintenance cost
  • CPE1339:A novel reduction approach to analyzing QoS of workflow processes
  • CPE1346:G-BLAST: a Grid-based solution for mpiBLAST on computational Grids
  • CPE1353:Fault-tolerant execution of large parameter sweep applications across multiple VOs with storage constraints
  • CPE1354:Intelligent scheduling and replication: a synergistic approach
  • CPE1355:Resource selection in grid: a taxonomy and a new system based on decision theory, case-based reasoning, and fine-grain policies
  • CPE1356:Reparallelization techniques for migrating OpenMP codes in computational grids
  • CPE1357:Distributed image processing over an adaptive Campus Grid
  • CPE1358:Grids challenged by a Web 2.0 and multicore sandwich
  • CPE1359:Topology agnostic hot-spot avoidance with InfiniBand
  • CPE1360:Special Issue: The Best of CCGrid'2007: A Snapshot of an ‘Adolescent’ Area
  • CPE1362:Malleable iterative MPI applications
  • CPE1365:Using Web 2.0 for scientific applications and scientific communities
  • CPE1366:On web communities mining and recommendation
  • CPE1367:An abstract layered model for Web-inclusive distributed computing leading to enhancing GRIDSpace with Web 2.0
  • CPE1368:Adaptation rule learning for case-based reasoning
  • CPE1371:Optimizing description logic reasoning for the large-scale semantic repositories
  • CPE1372:A framework for the massive knowledge Web
  • CPE1373:A new semantic model with applications in a multimedia database system
  • CPE1374:Special Issue: Web 2.0, Semantics, Knowledge and Grid
  • CPE1385:SQORE
  • CPE1330:Parallel simulation for a fish schooling model on a general-purpose graphics processing unit
  • CPE1343:Service selection and workflow mapping for Grids: an approach exploiting quality-of-service information
  • CPE1348:Coupling integrated Earth System Model components with BFG2
  • CPE1361:Designing and implementing lightweight kernels for capability computing
  • CPE1364:Trading off logging overhead and coordinating overhead to achieve efficient rollback recovery
  • CPE1363:Schemes for avoiding starvation in transactional memory systems
  • CPE1377:On the connectivity of Bluetooth-based ad hoc networks
  • CPE1378:Cooperation in multi-organization scheduling
  • CPE1380:An algorithm for dissemination and retrieval of information in wireless ad hoc networks
  • CPE1390:Special Issue: Euro-Par 2007
  • CPE1402:Interoperation of world-wide production e-Science infrastructures
  • CPE1403:Profiles for conveying the secure communication requirements of Web services
  • CPE1406:Using clouds to provide grids with higher levels of abstraction and explicit support for usage modes
  • CPE1407:WS-Naming: location migration, replication, and failure transparency support for Web Services
  • CPE1408:The HPC basic profile and SAGA: standardizing compute grid access in the open grid forum
  • CPE1409:Note: All URLs in this paper are as of 07/22/2008.
  • CPE1410:This article is a U.S. Government work and is in the public domain in the U.S.A.
  • CPE1411:Editorial: A Special Issue from the Open Grid Forum
  • CPE1412:A general encoding framework for representing network measurement and topology data
  • CPE1375:Grid performance prediction using state-space model
  • CPE1379:Factors affecting the performance of parallel mining of minimal unique itemsets on diverse architectures
  • CPE1382:This article is a U.S. Government work and is in the public domain in the U.S.A.
  • CPE1383:Middleware extensions that trade consistency for availability
  • CPE1386:Technical Report UMINF-07.20, Department of Computing Science, Umeå University, Sweden.
  • CPE1388:An evolutionary game algorithm for grid resource allocation under bounded rationality